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    Everything you need to know about the low and no alcohol drink trend

    The no and low alcohol drinks market is experiencing notable growth, driven by several key factors and emerging trends including health benefits, new and innovative...
    29 May, 2024

    Food and drink market update - May/Jun

    Overview March saw the Foodservice Price Index (FPI) fall below 10% for the first time in two years. UK inflation has fallen to 2.3%, just...
    16 May, 2024

    Wales: New Workplace Recycling Policy launched

    Earlier this month, the Welsh Government enforced new regulations on the collection and disposal of waste. The same legislation will be introduced in England on...
    25 April, 2024

    Fighting food waste - five tips to reduce the amount you throw away

    Did you know, a third of all food produced globally is thrown away? As we reach the end of Earth Month (April 2024), we wanted...
    25 April, 2024

    Regency team visit Millets Farm Centre

    Last week, the Regency Purchasing Group team spent the day at Millets Farm Centre, a family-owned destination set in 150-acres of Oxfordshire countryside with an...
    22 April, 2024

    Food and drink market update - Apr/May

    Overview While we have seen inflation slowing in recent months, it is worth re-iterating again that we are still in an inflationary environment and face...
    11 April, 2024

    Regency Purchasing Group is a company who really assists you with getting the best for your business. Our Procurement Manager took our comments onboard and it was like having a full-time food and beverages regional manager.

    The Partyman Group, Nationwide

    Regency advised us of a new partner supplier they had taken on for credit card services. We provided our merchant services statements and received a prompt turnaround with a quote for almost 20% savings vs. our current provider.

    Rules Restaurant, London

    Regency have a wide range of suppliers and provide great deals and prices. We have worked with Regency for a number of years and it has always been a positive experience.

    Bertys Snack Bar

    Amazing service. Our Procurement Manager is always on hand to help and nothing is too much trouble. I have never had such an amazing support system to work with before.

    Chichester Golf Club

    Always brilliant to have access to better pricing and offers through Regency. Amazing service from my Procurement Manager who regularly goes above and beyond.

    American Amusements

    As a start-up business, I couldn’t recommend Regency Purchasing enough - not just for the savings but also for their knowledge and communications.

    Soca Kitchen

    We're very pleased with the price stability, product advice and support we have received. Their access to competitive pricing, together with their bench marking ability, has made a big difference to our competitiveness.

    Kingswood Golf and Country Club, Surrey

    We have been working with Regency across our seven UK hotels for several years and the support has been amazing.
    Always available to help to save time and money!

    Motel One

    Regency Purchasing Group has, and continues to, save me a lot of money on my cleaning and disposable purchases. It frees up my time to get on with running my business more efficiently instead of constantly look at prices.

    Port Lympne Reserve, Kent

    Regency have saved us tens of thousands of pounds on our drinks which has all dropped straight to the bottom line. I would highly recommend discussing your next drinks contract with Regency as they may be able to significantly reduce your costs.

    BJs Bingo, Nationwide

    Regency has taken a load off me - they've streamlined our ordering offering true help to the F&B staff and the Regency team has been able to slash my costs! They have done what my suppliers said they would do, but didn’t.

    Jump Inc, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

    I was a little sceptical at first, but I’m glad I took time out and listened to what Regency had to offer us. They have been extremely informative and knowledgeable throughout.

    Jump Evolution, Essex

    When we partnered with Regency, we regained control. Now, I see Regency more as a department of our own company. They've supported us with not only our purchasing, but also our customer service and they can quickly adapt when we acquire new venues.

    Liberation Group, South West and Channel Islands

    An excellent group to be a part of; we have saved a lot of money over the last few years and more importantly, a lot of time. Very professional and friendly. Also, they keep you up to date with industry news and legislation.

    Jungle Kingdom

    Amazing service! Our Procurement Manager is very responsive and always keen to help us get the best deals available. Highly recommend!

    Hounslow Golf Park GC

    We have worked with Regency for nearly 10 years and during this time they have become an essential arm of the business, negating the need for an in-house purchasing manager. As a park we have really benefitted from the honesty and can-do attitude!

    Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure, Norfolk

    We know we're not one of the 'big accounts' for Regency, however we have never been made to feel that we are any less important. In all honesty, Regency has been a god send(!), especially when I've had difficult suppliers who just don't get their acts together.

    Jungle VIP, Middlesex

    Regency is fantastic - our Procurement Manager is always available to answer questions and put in any work that needs doing. They have been so helpful in setting up my new buisness.

    BTB Café & Tap Room

    Starting any new business is always a huge task, but with the help and continued support of Regency, the pressure of confirming the best suppliers and finalising our menu was completely alleviated. Our assigned Procurement Manager is incredible and has gone above and beyond for us.

    Clip 'n Climb, Ipswich

    Regency get the best prices from our suppliers, which not only saves us a great deal of time, but it gives us peace of mind knowing they're in our corner. We have ambitions for the next level and it really feels like they share our future vision!

    Neepsend Social Club and Canteen, Sheffield

    Our Procurement Manager has been a huge help, not only has he analysed all our spending and helped us save money in areas outside of just purchasing, he has also introduced us to new product lines and best of all, got us onto a great loyalty scheme.

    Marlowe's Restaurant, Kent

    Since working with Regency, we have been hitting targets, improving quality and serving hundreds of thousands of pounds of fantastic food - one very happy Director, and one very happy Kitchen Manager - who is achieving bonus every month.

    The Web Adventure Park, Yorkshire

    Regency have great values as a business, and that flows from the top all the way down through the entire team and it makes them a joy to work with.

    Safari Play, Milton Keynes

    Regency Purchasing Group has helped us with food tasting days and advised us to create a more focused menu. Working alongside the team at Regency, we've been able to get our GPs right for each of our products.

    Superbowl UK, Nationwide

    The team illustrated a 'black and white' saving of 12% on our food, drink and non-food costs. We would highly recommend Regency Purchasing Group - like minded operators with exceptional ability to help us control and manage what we do.

    Swithens Farm, Yorkshire

    Fantastic help and support from our Procurement Manager - we can’t thank him enough for his advice. We are very new to this industry and he has put us in touch with amazing suppliers.

    Rout 66 Desserts

    Regency's expertise and ongoing support in all areas of F&B procurement and waste management (amongst the various other things they assist us with) is truly second to none. Working with Regency is one of the best decisions I've ever made!

    Majestic Bingo, Nationwide

    Due to increasing costs and staff shortages, I joined Regency Purchasing Group and immediately received a 22% saving on some items - and we are just getting started.
    I look forward to continue working with Regency to save money and time.

    Martin Black Catering

    Regency has taken all the hassle of comparing prices and finding the best deals away from me and saved us lots of money. Highly recommend!

    Henderson Pub Co

    Regency has helped reduce costs and increase margins by looking at alternative items, products and suppliers. They've also helped us with other areas of our business, including our waste management and non-food procurement, which has taken a burden away from us and helped us to save time and money.

    Twizzle Tops Day Nurseries, London and South East

    Regency has been an amazing help to my business - with no charge for their services!

    White Hart, Sherington

    Great communication, customer service - and savings!

    Electric bowl

    Working with Regency is like having a dedicated procurement director on your team, and the double-digit % savings they achieved will have a significant impact on our bottom line, helping to mitigate some of the COVID-19 costs.

    Ocean Adventurers, Somerset

    We started working with Regency Purchasing group in 2016 and what a brilliant decision it was! My husband and I have formed such a good working relationship with our Procurement Manager that we can’t imagine him not being a part of our business.

    Signature Catering, Surrey

    I have been put in contact with great local and national suppliers, getting better rates than I could ever find myself. On the rare occasion I have had an issue with a supplier, the Regency team have dealt with it in an instant.

    The Hungry Guest, West Sussex

    Our Regency Procurement Manager used his experience, knowledge and connections to very quickly source a replacement supplier when we were let down; we are now set up with a better independent national supplier. It's great to be a member of Regency.

    Flying Bean Café

    Regency always give a prompt and helpful response to any queries, particularly with the personalised quotes and help received regarding the nutritional and pricing breakdown. We also like the visual aspects of Regency IQ, including the graphs, and we are using the system more and more.

    London Early Years Foundation, London

    I have always had great service from Regency they have been excellent with all the advice and help during the tricky Covid times. My Procurement Manager has been a massive help with my prices and special deals.

    Lysses House Hotel

    Regency have always been a valuable partner to our ventures, and incredibly helpful when you’re launching a new venue.

    The Railway

    "We've worked with Regency for over 18 months and we've received a huge amount of help in that time.
    Our Procurement Manager is always on hand to help with product codes or pricing which is a great help. "

    Bear Inn, Cirencester

    Amazing support and advice!

    Half moon

    Our purchasing is more streamlined since becoming a Regency member and the Regency IQ system helps us control our purchasing, along with the visibility of our invoices. Regency has also helped us with our menu planning, which has not only saved us money, but saved so much time, which for us as operators is precious.

    Seckford Golf Club, Suffolk

    Our business has been very well looked after by Regency. Getting us some really deals and prices on many of our core products.

    Crown Bingo

    Regency have helped by leveraging their collective industry presence and buying power to secure both better deals and treatment from our suppliers. The Regency team has been instrumental, not only in helping us find partners and suppliers for our business, but also in helping us develop our business concepts and unique selling propositions.

    Springbok BBQ, Berkshire

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