£91m could be spent on pints during the World Cup

21 November, 2022

A recent report has suggested that, if England reaches the finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, £91 million could be spent on pints.

If this is the case, it would represent an increase of 80% in comparison to Euro's final in 2021.

A recent survey analysed data from 5,000 customers and found that 20% of people were likely to visit their regular venues especially to watch the World Cup matches, 19% would show up regardless, and 12% were eager to look for new locations to watch the games.

In addition to this, venues that streamed the Euros tournament last year increased their average daily sales by 64%, including an estimated 1,340 pint sold across all game days.

According to the British Beer & Pub Association data, two out of three of the 30,000 pubs across the UK that are planning to broadcast any tournament-related events expect an extra 10% in bookings, which could boost the industry by £155m.

Based on this data, the World Cup should been seen as a huge opportunity to increase sales. As the festive season approaches, it is also critical that operators act strategically to make the most out of both events, to ensure the year ends on a high.

However, in contrast, The Morning Advertiser revealed that 48% of pubs may boycott the World Cup since Qatar is hosting; the country has been criticised for multiple human rights concerns - including for its treatment of women, LGBTQ+ people and migrant workers.

Emma McClarkin, BBPA chief executive, commented:

"Football and pubs go hand in hand and even though times are incredibly tough and the cost of doing business is still rocketing, our publicans are still ready to provide a warm welcome to fans.

"We're hoping this World Cup will provide a significant boost to the industry and are urging people to get out and support their local if they can by cheering on their favourite team with a pint in hand".

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