Further brewer price increases predicted

11 April, 2022

Brewers are continuing to increase prices due to the soaring costs of energy and barley.

Some large chains have already raised drinks prices by between 10p and 45p and warned customers could see further increases towards Christmas.

Part of the cost pressure has been driven by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which is the world's third largest producer of barley. Global prices of the grain have risen by around 30% since the conflict began in February.

This has prompted a warning from Adnams that the cost of beer could jump again in 2023 due to the impact on this year's harvest.

At the same time manufacturers are being hit with energy surcharges that are being passed on to hospitality customers.

Regency Purchasing Group work directly with a number of brewers and national drinks suppliers, and given the strength of our long standing relationships, we are able to offer our members not only a wide choice of brands, but also market leading terms and support.

Following the many brewer price increases, Regency members have benefitted from price holds and advance notice of price increases allowing businesses to purchase at lower prices and benefit from stockholding.

If you would like to find out how we can further develop your drinks offering and help to mitigate these price increases, please get in touch.

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