Blue in bottle, iconic in flavour – CMBC launch 1664 BLANC

24 March, 2024

Kronenbourg 1664 has launched its super-premium offering to the UK with the arrival of the playfully elegant and iconic blue bottle of 1664 BLANC - and the Regency team were lucky enough to sample this great tasting beer, and see the stand-out blue bottles at our recent trade show.

Influenced by its chic, Parisian roots, BLANC’s arrival in the UK took place in February with a series of design-led activations at the iconic Selfridges London store, timed for London Fashion Week.

The super-premium drinks brand will continue with a summer of sampling and exclusive large-scale events, set to shake up the industry with its striking cobalt blue bottle and design-oriented approach.

1664 BLANC’s unique flavour profile features delicate touches of citrus fruits that echo the deluxe finish of champagne, refined and refreshing, brewed with a dash of French joie de vivre, creating an exceptional drinking experience.

Dharmesh Rana, Director of Marketing, Premium Brands at Carlsberg Marston Brewing Company Group says,

“There is a genuine excitement surrounding the launch of Blanc in the UK. Consumers really love the taste, the look and the brand world we are creating, our customers can see the category opportunity and are excited for the growth that it will bring. Our partnerships and marketing initiatives are hopefully going to get everyone talking about and trying BLANC throughout the year. It’s going to be hugely exciting”.

To find out more about 1664 Blanc, please get in touch with your Procurement Manager who can provide further details and pricing.

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