Border Control Measures

21 December, 2020

The border closures implemented by France due to the new strain of COVID are currently causing numerous problems with the availability of fresh product being road freighted in from various European countries.  Whilst the UK borders are open to receive freight, hauliers are reluctant to send product into a country where their trucks and their drivers won’t be permitted to return home.

Whilst most suppliers; depending on how they operate, will have an element of stock that will fulfil immediate customer requirements, the deliveries for ongoing product replenishment has been disrupted creating shortages. 

For the interim these shortages will ultimately mean suppliers are competing for product on a supply and demand basis causing a spike in price as a result. This will then be compounded by the potential move to new tariffs in January. 

Whilst COVID and the current situation with the country’s tier position has meant that Christmas has all but been cancelled, specifically in the hospitability and leisure industry, this position could have been much worse. 

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