Brexit - proactive steps to ensure a financially stable future

26 July, 2017

Rising food prices, economic uncertainty and Brexit have prompted a significant boost in business for purchasing groups like us with concerned businesses searching for support.

Uncertainty and Rising Costs

Formal Brexit negotiations began this week.  The CBI has described the UK’s economic outlook as “steady but subdued” as many businesses anxiously await the impact of the nation’s decision to leave the EU.  

With research suggesting that 43% of the UK’s hospitality workforce is made up of foreign nationals there are major concerns over recruitment.  Additionally inflation of Sterling against the Euro and political strain on trade deals will result in rising food costs.

The economic uncertainty has made purchasing tough for many businesses, and there is widespread concern about the future, particularly within the hospitality and leisure sector.  Businesses are more eager than ever to secure the best possible prices on products and services.

The Solution

Several large, renowned businesses such as Gordon Ramsay's Group of 31 restaurants have taken to employing entire in-house purchasing teams to find efficiencies and manage costs.  However few businesses in our economy have the spare margin and capital to be able to do this.

We have more than 2,400 members throughout the UK, which gives us the strength and perennial buying power to secure the very best deals for our customers.  We can help keep your costs under control and deliver the low prices, quality produce and exceptional service that will give you peace of mind throughout these troubled times.

And saving the best for last... We provide all this and more, at a fraction of the cost of actually having a purchasing team on payroll.  As with any uncertainty the age old adage of 'Safety in Numbers' holds true.  Through us all working together we can secure a more financially stable future for everyone.

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