Restaurants in Scotland could be forced to display calorie counts on menus

17 September, 2021

Hospitality and takeaway venues could be required to display the number of calories under plans announced by Scottish ministers.

Restaurants could be made to show how many calories are in meals as part of Scottish Government plans to encourage people to eat more healthily.

Calorie labelling on restaurant and takeaway menus could become mandatory under the measures being proposed by ministers, who argue it could help tackle obesity.

Children’s menus could also have to abide by a ‘code of practice’ to ensure healthy food options are available when families eat out.

Public Health Scotland chief executive Angela Leitch added: “We have a shared national ambition in Scotland to be a country where we eat well, have a healthy weight and are physically active.

“Local takeaway businesses, cafes, restaurants and others in the out-of-home sector continue to play an important role in supporting changes that will help improve our diet and, in turn, maintain a healthy weight.”

This news follows the announcement from the UK Government earlier this year, with plans to make calorie labelling mandatory for all restaurants, pubs and cafes with 250 or more employees from April 2022.

Under the new rule, large out-of-home food businesses in the UK will be required to display calorie information on menus and food labels.

English cafes, restaurants and takeaways will have to display the calorie information of non-prepacked food and soft drink items that are prepared for customers.

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