Call for calorie content labelling on alcoholic drinks

19 July, 2021

Campaigners are calling for a requirement for all alcoholic drinks to clearly display calorie content on labels.

Under the current law, alcoholic products must display the alcohol strength, volume and any allergens. Ingredients, nutritional information and health risks do not currently have to be shown on alcoholic drink labels.

The Alcohol Health Alliance and the charity Alcohol Focus Scotland want changes to be made to labelling laws. The UK government is planning a consultation, leading to the call for more mandatory information on labels.

Prof Ian Gilmore, chairman of the Alcohol Health Alliance, said: "Alcohol labelling in this country is failing to inform consumers about what exactly their drink contains.

"Displaying basic product information, such as calorie content, empowers the consumer to make informed choices about what, and how much, they decide to drink. This information should be displayed clearly on the product they are buying. They should not have to research basic health information online."

He said the upcoming UK consultation on calorie labelling was a great opportunity for change and that displaying the calorie content would bring alcohol labelling in line with the labelling of food and soft drinks.

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