Caterers urged to 'look for the lion'

20 April, 2023

With Salmonella outbreaks being reported across Europe, leading food safety experts are reminding caterers that they should be using British Lion eggs if they are serving vulnerable groups.

British Lion eggs are approved by the Food Standards Agency to be served runny to all potential customers, including infants, pregnant women and the elderly.

The British Lion is the UK’s most successful food safety scheme. Over 90% of UK eggs are now produced under the British Lion scheme and more than 200 billion British Lion eggs have been sold since its launch in 1998.

The British Lion scheme has been responsible for a drastic reduction to the presence of salmonella in UK eggs and the Food Standards Agency has recently confirmed that they are approved to be consumed runny, or even raw, by vulnerable groups.

All eggs that carry the British Lion mark have been produced under the stringent requirements of the British Lion Code of Practice which ensures the highest standards of food safety. The code covers the entire production chain and ensures strict food safety controls including the guarantee that all hens are vaccinated against Salmonella and a ‘passport’ system ensuring that all hens, eggs and feed are fully traceable.

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