Economic uncertainty, rising prices, increasing wage costs and Brexit

27 October, 2017

Food security expert Professor Chris Elliott recently warned that the nation’s food supply was potentially less secure than at any other point in the past 70 years when he spoke at the Food Fraud, Culture & Modern Catering Processes conference in South Yorkshire.

A multitude of factors, including Brexit, compromises on food safety standards, and increased price pressure on food suppliers, raising the risk of food fraud, threatened the UK’s food supply – and the pub food trade.

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Economic uncertainty, rising prices, increasing wage costs and the potential impacts of Brexit are all putting considerable pressure on the hospitality and leisure sector.

That’s why we are committed to not only providing our members with the best possible prices, but with all the expertise they need in order to give them the best chance of overcoming the many pressures they face.  Professor Elliot has highlighted it is more important than ever to understand what we are eating, where it comes from, and how it was produced.  He warns that the UK is not prepared for the many challenges Brexit could pose to the safe supply and production of food.

More and more of our time at Regency is now spent on compliance, and ensuring not only the absolute tractability of product (and in particular, meat – we all remember the ‘horse meat’ controversy from a few years ago), but also understanding how product is sourced.  For example, we have clients who have always insisted on only buying produce from sustainable palm oil crop; not so difficult to do today, but six years ago, when first faced with that proposition, it was more challenging.

There is so much work to be done to ensure that the supply chain is ethical and responsibly sourced, and this is where our work goes far beyond just sourcing the best price.

It is about best value rather than best price.

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Most issues in compliance are not areas that some operators think about, and unfortunately it only becomes a problem when something goes wrong. That’s why it is important to have everything in place before you have an issue. We are able to provide expert assistance with compliance, such as supplying allergen data sheets for all products being purchased, or checking suppliers’ accreditation and trace-ability to ensure packing is accurate, all of which can increase the integrity of Britain’s food supply.

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