Consumers cut back on eating out and takeaways

27 May, 2022

More than one third of consumers have been forced to reduce or stop spending on eating out and takeaways over the past six months due to rising costs and inflation, according to a recent poll.

The poll, carried out by YouGov, found that out of 2,132 adults, 39% have had to cut back on dining out, and that 38% have reduced or stopped spending on takeaways as a direct result of the rising cost of living.

Inflation in the UK has reached a 40-year high of 9% with warnings of furture rises – which is impacting on the spending power of consumers.

Dining out and takeaways are among the top five areas where consumers are making cutbacks.

April’s delivery and takeaway sales across the UK’s leading pub and managed restaurant businesses were 34% below the same month last year, however when compared to pre-pandemic levels, the appetite for delivery remains high with sales in April 357% higher than in April 2019.  

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