COVID-19 Winter Response (Sector Specific)

24 November, 2020

On the 23rd of November 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new measures to bring England out of its second lockdown whilst keeping the “R” rate at an acceptable level.

These measures centre around a return to the Tier system that was in place prior to the latest national lockdown, but with stricter measures for each Tier. Areas will have their initial Tiers announced shortly, and unlike the previous systems there will be no possibility for local authorities to negotiate on these.

Spectator sports are being given the go ahead to reopen, with limited capacity, in tiers one and two.

A curfew still remains in place for hospitality venues that, subject to their Tiers regulations, are able to open - but this has been extended to last orders being called at 10pm with businesses closing their doors at 11pm.

The Rule of Six will be reinstated in terms of Tiers where mixed socialising is permitted

Tier One will now mean that people will be encouraged to work from home where possible.

Changes to Tier two requires that pubs & bars are to close unless operating as a restaurant. Substantial meals are to be available with drink. Unlike the previous rules, the Government have offered some guidance on what should be classed as a substantial meal stating, “eg full breakfast, main lunch or evening meal” which could mean they no longer class light bites as substantial. Full clarity on this has yet to be provided.

Within Tier Three regions all hospitality is to close except for delivery, take away and drive through services. Hotels and other accommodation providers are also to close except for guests who are working or who cannot return home. Indoor entertainment is to close.

Tiers One and Two now sees spectator sports and business events resume inside and out, with capacity limits and social distancing measures in line with theatres and concert halls.

Unlike previous guidance it looks as though Retail; both essential and non-essential, Personal Care services and indoor leisure centres are to remain open in each Tier.

The Prime Minister reassures the public that all devolved Governments are working together on a plan to try and ensure a Christmas where families can socialise, however he warned:

"This virus is not going to grant a Christmas truce, it doesn’t know it’s Christmas.”

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