Egg shortage increases menu prices and forces menu changes

17 November, 2022

The national egg shortage as a result of Avian Flu has increased menu prices and forced businesses to make changes to their menus.

JD Wetherspoon is offering customers ordering breakfasts the option to swap in substitutes such as hash browns, sausages or onion rings where eggs are not available.

UK poultry farmers have been hit by rising costs and an outbreak of Avian Flu which has led to thousands of birds being culled and prompted fears about the supply of Christmas turkeys.

A Wetherspoon spokesperson said:

"We can confirm that there are temporary issues with egg supplies at some Wetherspoon pubs, due to the current national shortage of eggs.

"We are experiencing issues in receiving all the supplies we require to satisfy demand in every pub.

"This is not specific to Wetherspoon and other hospitality operators and supermarkets are facing similar issues."

Brakes, a Regency supplier, said there had been an "additional strain" on the UK supply chain, but it was working with egg suppliers to minimise the impact on customers.

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