5 July, 2022

#FairKitchens is a positive movement for the hospitality industry to really appreciate chefs, kitchen and front of house teams by recognising the demands of the roles, focusing on inclusiveness, mental health, wellbeing, retention and encouraging young chefs and more women to join our industry.

The #FairKitchens code is supported by training videos, advice and tips by chefs for chefs, and short guides on topics including improving communication and supporting team members experiencing a personal crisis.

We wanted to share this movement with Regency members - here's how you can get involved...

  1. Join the movement to access your starter kit including the #FairKitchens Code, advice to use the Code with your team and a #FairKitchens sticker
  2. Explore the #FairKitchens website to find training, tips and guides to help you understand more about how chefs run a “Fair Kitchen” and discover how you could learn from them
  3. Follow the movement on Instagram and Facebook and share your experiences using #FairKitchens

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