Fresh Meat Update - October 2020

14 October, 2020

We reported the higher pricing for Beef as a result of ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ and although the pricing of prime cattle is falling; down 1p per kg versus the previous week, the pricing still remains 13.8p above the 5 years average and 13-14% more than the same period last year.

The tight stock position on Lamb has kept the pricing higher than usually expected. We reported in September that the lack of imported lamb due to high demand from China and recent increases in exporting to Europe has kept the Lamb price strong and is up 90p compared to the same week last year.

The poultry challenge remains around Turkey. Outside of this, pricing is relatively stable despite it being a volatile market as a result of COVID and the pressure that was put on availability.  The uncertainty of social gatherings and the effect this will have on Christmas celebrations has meant Turkey pricing is continuing to rise week on week as a result of the reluctance from suppliers to commit to volume.  If space and finances allow, we recommend you buy and freeze your Turkey sooner rather than leaving it later.

Pork as we know has been somewhat challenging over the last year, and this continues through this month due to African Swine fever being confirmed in Germany, Europe’s largest pork producer.  The expectation is that it will lead to disruption in the market. The following countries have already placed a ban on the import of German Pork:






South Korea


South Africa

Please be aware this will potentially have an effect on the price of pork product.

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