Guidance on Non-UK Hiring

14 October, 2020

From 1st Jan 2021 if you want to hire anyone outside of the UK you must:

  • Become a licensed sponsor
    • A decision on your sponsorship will be made within 8 weeks
    • Once granted the licence will allow you to hire skilled workers globally for 4 years
  • Check that the people you wish to hire meet the requirements to come here and work.

These requirements are:

  • A job offer from an approved sponsor
    • Job must be at A Level (RWF3) or above skill level and pay minimum £25,600
    • Speak English at the required level
  • EU employees already working for you do not need to worry about this new system but they may have to register for the EU settlement scheme privately as individuals
  • This does not apply to hiring Irish citizens

There are certain visa’s that allow the holder to work in the UK without a sponsor such as the Global Talent Route (global leaders, promising individuals in science, humanities, engineering, the arts and digital technology)  or the Youth Mobility Scheme which enables young people aged 18-30 to come to the UK to work and travel each year. Further details on these can be found online.

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