Heineken to increase beer prices due to rising costs

25 February, 2022

Due to cost pressures, Heineken - the worlds second largest brewer, has stated that it will increase the price of its beers.

It comes after the founder of Cobra beer also said its prices will rise because of "vicious" cost pressures.

Neither Heineken or Cobra have confirmed how much their prices will go up by.

As well as transport and energy costs rising for brewers, as they are for all industries and households, they are also facing the doubling cost of barley and a nearly 50% increase in the price of aluminium.

However, following a strong year of sales, some people are questioning the brewer's decision to put up prices...

Heineken saw an increase in net revenue of 11.3%, representing £13.4 billion, last year as consumers purchased more alcohol during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns and restrictions. Their profit rose by 80% in the same year.

Heineken's chief executive Dolf van den Brink said: "These kind of price increases and inflation, I think we have not seen in a generation." He added that putting up prices could lead to "softer beer consumption" as drinkers reined in their spending due to soaring living costs.

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