How to help protect your restaurant from phishing scams

27 February, 2024

We have received reports of an active phishing email campaign targeting restaurants - remember, your restaurant booking system provider will NEVER ask for your password or login credentials.

The scam: restaurants are receiving emails claiming to be restaurant booking providers (for example OpenTable) asking them to accept the new Privacy Policy or risk their account being deactivated. This specific email contains a PDF attachment that requests account credentials to read the file. If you receive an email like this, delete the email IMMEDIATELY and contact your restaurant booking provider.

We also recommend you take these three steps to help protect your restaurant from phishing scams:

  • Set up two-factor authentication (2FA) – an extra layer of security that requires a one-time-only code to log in. This should be possible through the admin area within your booking system
  • Ensure that all employees (including any seasonal and/or part-time team members) are aware of ongoing phishing scams and know to never give out passwords or sensitive account information
  • If someone contacts you and claims to be from your restaurant booking provider (or any other service provider you work with), or if you notice any suspicious activity within any of your online accounts, report it to the provider so they can investigate.

For more help and advice, please get in touch with our team who will happily share additional support and advice.

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