Leisure & Hospitality Supply Chain

7 June, 2021

Now that the Leisure and Hospitality industry is open, there are early signs that there are a number of supply chain challenges being experienced as a result of a lack of personnel in keys areas which is affecting deliveries and availability of product.

The Grocer reported that the foodservice sector is reportedly faced with an estimated shortfall of 70,000 drivers principally caused by a combination of Brexit and The COVID 19 pandemic leading EU Nationals to head back to their home countries on the continent.

The reopening of the sector has seen a demand created that has been reported as being 30% higher than pre COVID levels, couple this demand from operators with a shortage of ready to ship product, a lack of delivery drivers and pickers at the supplier, and unfortunately it seems that behind the scenes the welcomed grand opening hasn’t gone as smoothly for some operators as they would have hoped.

Suppliers are doing all they can in order to rectify issues experienced and there is also an appreciation that understanding what stock will be required continues to be speculative but, wherever possible, try to place orders well in advance and if you are able to provide a forecast to suppliers then do so.  Another consideration if you have the space is to hold a little more stock than usual as a backup until these initial issues subside.

If you are experiencing challenges please reach out to your Regency Representative.

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