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19 July, 2021
Allan Peart

The fish industry has recently come under a significant amount of scrutiny, not least when 'Seaspiracy' was aired on Netflix back in March of this year.

The industry came to its own defence highlighting the progress it had made with sustainability, protecting species and the world’s oceans.

Fish Farmer Magazine has also added some positivity to the industry reporting that the farmed salmon industry has emerged as one of the most environmentally conscious and sustainable food production methods in the world. 

The report was published by the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI), a collaborative of 13 salmon farming companies representing 40% of the global salmon farming production industry who are fully committed to demonstrating measurable progress in the sustainability of their operations through greater collaboration, transparency and innovation. The GSI provided eight years of data measuring 14 key indicators, 10 environmental and 4 social and the result painted a very encouraging picture. 

There is still some market uncertainty as a result of Brexit; it was originally planned that from April 2021, controlled goods entering the UK would be subject to additional controls such as export health certificates, identity checks and pre-import notifications.

These new measures could potentially challenge the supply chain and cause additional delays and cost implications. However, the Government has taken the decision and issued advice to delay these additional controls until October 2021 with others being delayed until early 2022. 

We are working closely with our suppliers and will always keep you updated to minimise disruption to your business.

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