Market Updates - Meat and Poultry

7 June, 2021

You may have read recently that there is currently a major issue with Avian flu in Europe which has resulted in a cull of circa 20 million birds; 7 million of which were breading stock, seeing a significant increase in cost due to the now shortage.

Unfortunately the most severely hit countries were Poland and Hungary who are amongst the largest providers of Poultry in the industry. 

This issue has effected the global market and is set to continue through to July and potentially longer.  Poultry pricing has seen significant increases so please be aware of this when creating your menus.

Last week Argentina’s president announced a 30 day ban on Beef exports as part of an attempt to control rising inflation which is approaching 50%.  In protest the country’s main farming groups stated that they would hold a nine day halt in livestock trading in addition to reports of meat processing plants shutting down as a result of the government’s position.

This export ban and the resultant fall out will escalate the challenges already being experienced on a tight global supply chain including the UK with increases in product prices.

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