An advanced allergen, calorie and menu management solution

Manage your menus with confidence

Effectively manage your allergen and nutrition data, ensure food safety compliance and control your menu costs while improving consistency and performance.

Available from just £10 per week (from £15 per week for non-members)

Full visibility of allergen and nutrition data
Keep customers safe with instant access to nutrition and allergen data - calculated for you at ingredient, recipe and menu level
Build your recipe by selecting ingredients from your supplier database and the system will calculate calories, nutritional values and allergens.
  • Live database of nutrition data for all ingredients
  • Automatic allergen, nutrition and RDA calculations based on user-defined recipe ingredients, quantities and portion sizes
  • Variable Target Reference Intake (Adult, Child, Senior)
  • Automated alerts highlighting changes to allergen and nutrition data
  • Intuitive product labelling tool, fully compliant with ‘Natasha’s Law’
  • Printable recipe cards with ingredients, allergens, method and HACCP
  • Printable, full menu allergen matrix.
Maximise profit margins and monitor costs
Build and accurately cost your menus with automatic calculations using product and price data direct from suppliers
  • Step-by-step recipe builder with easy-to-define ingredient quantities and portion sizes
  • Seamless EDI integration with real-time product and price data direct from suppliers
  • Automatic calculation of recipe cost using invoiced or contracted prices
  • Dynamic RRP and profit margin manipulation tools
  • Automated supplier price change alerts and profit margin recalculations
  • Multi-site cost and profit margin variation analysis.

Build, develop and store recipes and menus
Step-by-step recipe builder, plus automatic creation of interactive customer menus showing full nutrition and allergen data
  • QR code driven interactive customer menus showing full nutrition and allergen data
  • Advanced menu modelling with optional ingredients and sub-menu tools
  • Single and multi-site functionality, including customisable/site-specific digital menu branding
  • Definable profit margin thresholds with site-specific automated price breach alerts
  • Multi-user access with advanced user permission controls
  • Unlimited recipe and menu storage
  • Ongoing system development and new functionality releases.
Natasha's Law and mandatory calorie labelling
From October 2021, all businesses must clearly label all foods packed and produced on their premises (PPDS) with a complete list of ingredients. This legislation will be legally enforced under Natasha’s Law.

From April 2022, hospitality businesses with more than 250 employees will be required to display calorie information on menus and food labels. Smaller businesses will also be required to adhere to this new regulation, however the date for this is to be confirmed.

MenuIQ provides an effective tool to smoothly manage these transitions. It's simple to use and fast to set up, and will ensure your menus, food labels and delivery platforms display the required information allowing your customers to make informed choices.

What MenuIQ users say:

“Working in a very busy environment, we needed a simple, multi-site solution that would give us peace of mind when it came to allergy legislation. MenuIQ is ‘one-stop-shop’ for allergy management, GP enhancement, recipe building, Natasha’s Law compliant labelling, RDAs and nutritional data. The system is now the backbone to our F&B operation - I don’t know how we’d operate without it.”

Adam Tremain - Head of Group Catering, Partyman World Ltd

I have found MenuIQ to be linear, user-friendly and future-minded, and has quickly become part of my day-to-day processing. This program is an absolute must-have for food operators navigating the rapidly changing labelling, allergen and calorie compliance landscape. 

Use of the system had provided us with an approachable and responsive technical support team, in addition to a program that goes above and beyond expectation. Features of particular note are the allergen matrix functionality, slick bulk labelling facilities, menu QR code generation, quick calorie and nutritional look-ups, cost and margin analysis, and real time ingredient change checks which are quickly applicable to menus - essential in the current environment of food service supply, where last minute ingredient replacements may be necessary.

I have found that, despite industry challenges and rapid changes to operations, our business has been able to maintain creativity and spontaneity to menus on a multi-site level. 

Rachel - Operations Manager, Flour & Bean

I knew Natasha’s Law was coming up; my Regency Procurement Manager had warned me way in advance but with so many difficulties with Covid, staffing, delivery and supply, this kept being pushed down my list.

With five days to go, I still hadn’t done a thing and I almost didn’t want to mention it because it felt like way too much to get done in time. But that very day, my MenuIQ was set up for my business and online training was arranged for a couple of days later.

Following my training, I was able to get all my ingredients, recipes and menus loaded into the system and I printed out all my labels using a standard printer. I’m now fully compliant!

Bharti Radix - Founder, BloomsYard

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