MenuIQ new feature releases

13 May, 2022

Ingredients Substitutions
Add temporary substitute ingredients from any supplier to a recipe to ensure continued data accuracy and compliance, quickly and easily apply to multiple sites.

Existing Users – How To:
Go to ‘My Ingredients’
Select ‘Substitutions’
Select ‘Add Substitution’
Highlight the ingredient you are replacing and search and find substitute ingredient
Set ‘Effective from/to dates
Apply to single or multiple sites (tick boxes).

Shopping List
Automated ‘shopping list’ generation based on required quantities of each dish and portion sizes to ensure accurate ordering. Dynamic sort/filter functionality, including ability to sort by supplier for seamless ordering, plus option to export/print.

Existing Users – How To:
Go to ‘My Recipe’
Select recipe

Click ‘Action’
Select ‘Generate Shopping List’
Select ‘Add Recipe’ (add multiple recipes and confirm quantities for each)
Select ‘Shopping List’ to view
Select ‘Print/ Export’ as required.

Nutrition Matrix
Quickly and easily print a nutritional value matrix for every menu item (in addition to existing allergen matrix). This provides chefs and all members of staff with instant access to all menu information.

Recipe-Level QR Codes
Create and publish recipe-level QR codes allowing customers to instantly access full nutritional data for every dish (in addition to existing menu-level QR codes). This is particularly beneficial for large catering events, self-service outlets and schools where a QR code can be placed next to each dish.

Hide Nutritional Values on Menus
Option to disclose or hide nutritional and calorie values on QR code menus (must be disclosed by all businesses above the 250 employee threshold for recent legislation).

Logo Enhancements
Store multiple logos within one business profile, plus enhanced logo editing tools.

Existing Users – How To:
Click on business name (top right)
Select ‘Upload Image’
Select ‘Choose file from disk’ or ‘Upload via QR code’
Crop and edit as required

MenuIQ is a complete menu management system providing an effective tool to smoothly manage allergen, calorie and nutritional data across all your menus.

Our system will ensure your menus, food labels and delivery platforms display the required information allowing your customers to make informed choices.

Get in touch to find out more or book a demo today.

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