Monterey Jack's Franchise skyrockets with eight-fold increase in footfall

19 June, 2023

Regency member, Monterey Jack's, a multi-site American-style restaurant operator in Scotland, has achieved a remarkable increase in customer visits since opening its newest franchise location.

The latest venture, a spacious new site which seats 250, was launched in March 2023 at the M&D's Scotland Theme Park in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire.

This move has proven to be highly successful, exceeding the expectations of both the theme park owners and Monterey Jack's. Compared to the previous restaurant, which had been in operation for 25 years, footfall at the new Monterey Jack's franchise has increased eight-fold.

The restaurant's transformation included innovative features such as a Wild West-themed street on the upper floor and outdoor terrace dining spaces, turning the venue into much more than just a restaurant. This unique approach has attracted not only tourists visiting the theme park but also local residents, establishing the restaurant as a destination in its own right.

Furthermore, the building housing Monterey Jack's also offers additional attractions such as soft play areas and bowling, enabling it to remain open year-round, even during the theme park's off-season.

As a result, the restaurant has successfully drawn a significant number of customers from outside the park, who now directly seek out Monterey Jack's as a must-visit destination.

Scott Abercrombie, COO of Monterey Jack's comments:

"We are absolutely thrilled with the overwhelming response to our new franchise location at M&D's Scotland Theme Park."

"The eight-fold increase in footfall has surpassed all expectations and solidifies Monterey Jack's as a premier dining destination. The innovative features and unique atmosphere we have created, combined with the year-round appeal of the location, have resonated with both locals and park visitors alike."

"We are grateful for the support from Regency Purchasing Group and we look forward to continuing to provide exceptional experiences to our valued customers."

"As a growing brand, we are actively seeking new franchisees and locations to expand our presence and bring the Monterey Jack's experience to more cities and regions throughout the UK. Our aim is to create exciting opportunities for passionate entrepreneurs and extend our brand's reach, sharing the Monterey Jack's magic with even more communities across the country."

Scott Abercrombie, COO of Monterey Jack's

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