Supporting South West Coffee Group Expansion

5 August, 2022

Naked Coffee is a group of eco coffee shops pouring the world’s first carbon-free coffee. The Dorset-based business, founded in 2016 by Ian Saul, is known for its emphasis on ethics and the environment, as well as their unique coffee and impressive vegan and vegetarian deli dishes.

The first Naked Coffee shop opened in Bournemouth six years ago, followed by another opening at Southampton Railway station and two Bournemouth University buildings, before opening a deli in 2019.

The team at Regency Purchasing Group began working with Naked Coffee when they were a single-site operator and have since supported the business as it’s grown and evolved to become a successful independent chain of coffee shops in the South West.

There are now seven sites in and around the Bournemouth, Poole and Southampton area. Naked Coffee also holds the 2022 contract to supply language students at Bournemouth University with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Over the past two years, Regency Procurement Manager, Keely Duran, has worked with the group’s Operation Manager, Lina Steyn and the coffee shop managers to review food and drink costs while maintaining product quality and variation.

Following an in-depth purchasing analysis, we supported Naked Coffee in the consolidation of their ordering to work with two key suppliers which has significantly reduced their costs, streamlined their purchasing making it easier to manage, and also improved the delivery service levels they receive.

The ongoing partnership with Regency has allowed Naked Coffee to seamlessly open their seventh location in Eastbourne in June using their preferred suppliers and contracted pricing.

Naked Coffee Operations Manager, Lina Steyn comments on the partnership with Regency:

“Regency Purchasing Group have been great help in various areas of business... Trying to re-launch stores after the pandemic was challenging due to a combination of factors - increasing product costs, limited availability of products and of course, the changed attitude of customers.

Regency, and in particular Keely, have helped take the stress away from having to spend time researching suppliers and negotiating product prices; I've been able to spend that time focusing on the business and re-launching the stores, as well as concentrating on opening new stores.

Overall, we have built a great relationship and I know the partnership will continue to grow."

Regency Procurement Manager: Keely Duran.

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