How ‘Plan B’ measures could impact the hospitality industry

26 October, 2021

Hospitality leaders have warned that the implementation of ‘Plan B’ measures could be devastating for the industry.

Due to the surge in Covid infections, there has been increasing discussions around the use of the Government’s contingency plan, which would see the introduction of mandatory vaccine passports for nightclubs and other busy indoor venues, compulsorary face masks in nost indoor setting and advice for most people to work from home if possible.

Hospitality leaders are suggesting that the Government has left it too late to introduce these measures and saying that it now puts Christmas at risk for a second year.

The industry has voiced serious concerns over the tougher measures but has said that some restrictions, such as mask-wearing, could be tolerable. However, they highlighted that advising people to work from home would “kill” hospitality businesses in city centres.

With all this talk of ‘Plan B’, Chancellor Rishi Sunak looked to assure fears of another winter lockdown and insisted that vaccines meant no more lockdowns.

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