Reducing food miles and carbon footprint for Breaking Bread foodie festival

26 August, 2021

Breaking Bread is a pop-up foodie festival in Bristol bringing together a number of the city’s most highly regarded independent restaurants and bars.

Headed up by well-known Michellin-star chef, Josh Eggleton, the event features a pop-up restaurant, pub garden and event space, delivering some of the best food and drink on offer in Bristol.

Josh and his team are passionate about sourcing local, sustainable produce with a belief that you can’t make great food without great ingredients.

The team at Regency Purchasing Group began working with Breaking Bread at the start of this year as the festival was planning to open.

To meet the objective of reducing food miles and minimising the event’s overall carbon footprint, our team worked with our network of trusted suppliers, to successfully source local, environmentally friendly food and catering supplies, setting up and managing their contracting pricing.

Our partnership has since extended into the business’s wider estate where we’re continuing to develop cost and time savings in various venues in and around Bristol.

Procurement Manager – Jordan Jones

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