RPG appoints new sales director as team continues to expand

7 February, 2019

We're extremely proud to announce that after nearly a decade of service at Regency Purchasing Group, Ben Hoskin has been promoted to the position of Sales Director.

Ben, who lives in Weston with his wife, Hannah, and children Roman, 15, and Bella, 10, has seen a lot of changes in the Regency Group over the past decade. When he first started at Regency there were just two full-time members of staff and one part-time based in a small office in the attic. Contrasting to today where Regency own the entire building and boast a national sales team covering an area spanning from Devon across to Kent and up to the northern reaches of Lancashire.

Ben's Insight

"Despite being at Regency for 10 years I feel we are only just getting started.

The sector faces many challenges, including rising costs and taxation, as well as all the uncertainty over Brexit. While they will not directly affect Regency, they will motivate us to help our customers even more as they will need our support more than ever in order to overcome them.

I've had a hand in the licensed and leisure sectors since I was 15-years-old. I've seen the industry change a lot over the past ten years, never moreso than under the shadow of Brexit. Turnovers are generally down, football is down, I’ve seen tough economic times, recession, austerity, the banking crisis, soaring taxes, minimum wage increases, the smoking ban and Brexit – basically the perfect storm to make it has hard as possible for the sector. However, it is not all doom and gloom because the best businesses have still thrived through all this and continue to push forward.

I have a very simple philosophy; 'Work hard, do the best you can, and keep going'. I had a great role model in my dad, who runs his own law firm. He kept me focused, motivated and prepared me for the world of business and people. In the early days of my career with Regency, my wife stayed at home and raised the two children, and without her taking up the considerable slack at home, I could not have achieved what I have. Since then, Hannah has become a successful businesswoman in her own right, and i'm extremely proud of what we have accomplished together.

Regency is all about its people, culture and work ethic. There is massive potential for career progression here, my own development is testament to that. I have big targets for what I want to achieve in my new role, but I only think of those occasionally. It’s my behaviour, attitude and application that I focus on, and I trust that the results will follow."

A word from our Managing Director Alex Demetriou

"It was a pleasure to promote Ben to Sales Director, he has played such a huge role in the growth of this business over the past decade. As an employer, it’s always extremely satisfying to be able to promote someone from within, to see them grow and progress. Regency is all about providing positive opportunities; for the organisations we work with and for the people who work for us."

If you think you would like to be part of the Regency team, visit our careers section or call 01934 646 135. We're always on the look out for motivated stand-out applicants.

"This promotion has given me a real sense of pride and achievement, and I’m delighted. However, it’s now all about the next five years, and continuing to build on this platform and implement consistent improvement so that Regency can remain the best in class."

Ben Hoskin
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