RPG helps shelter endangered species at Port Lympne Reserve

6 August, 2018

Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve in Kent is a breeding sanctuary and home to more than 760 rare and endangered animals across 90 species, on a site which covers more than 600 acres.

Simon Jeffery, Animal Director for Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve, said: “The sheds are in our Asian Experience area, and have already been used by a number of rare animals, including the Pere David’s Deer, which are, sadly, now extinct in the wild.

“We bred our own this year, with a view to eventually re-establishing the species in the wild.

“Other animals like antelope, camels and water buffalo have also already used the sheds.

“We’re very grateful to the Regency Group for their generous sponsorship. The money they have given us to provide the sheds means that it frees up our own funding to put back into our core business, which is to ensure the survival of endangered animals.

“We are working to protect animals all over the world as well as in the UK, and appreciate any support that we receive to help us do this.”

Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve is run by The Aspinall Foundation, which works with partners across the globe to return endangered animals back to their natural environment.

Sian Collins, National Account Manager for The Regency Group, said: “We have worked in partnership with the Aspinall Foundation for over seven years, and we were keen to continue to support their vital conservation programmes.

“By sponsoring the provision of practical requirements like these shelters, the Aspinall Foundation is able to use its valuable funds to help tackle the human and natural threats to endangered species and to protect them in the wild.

“At Regency, we pride ourselves on building strong, positive, relationships with our customers.

“Good business, and successful relationship building, is a two-way process, and here we saw an opportunity for us to give something back.”

Bob O’Connor, Managing Director of the Aspinall Foundation, said: “We have been working with the Regency Group for over seven years, and what I like about them is that they come from an operator background.

“They understand the issues that we have as operators and come up with solutions in the same way that an operator would rather than a services company.

“I like the ethical approach that they have, and we were absolutely delighted with the donation they have given us to provide the field shelters.

“Running a sanctuary like Port Lympne is a very expensive business, not to mention the extensive conservation work we do worldwide.

“We have over one million acres of land in Africa, where we have been working to return many endangered species back to the wild, including lowland gorillas and black rhino.

“We are also involved in conservation projects in Europe and here in the UK, with hedgehogs and red squirrels.

“Any donation that supports our work is a welcome boost, and it’s particularly nice when you have a relationship with people who have the same ethos as us, it provides a synergy that makes for a great working partnership and a great future.”

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