RPG member designs and manufactures 'no hands' solution

17 June, 2020

With door handles being one of the highest ‘touch’ areas in any business Rick Turner; owner of the Big Sheep, one of Regency’s members has designed and manufactured a solution for commercial properties.

The “No Hands Door Pull” is an attachment for the bottom of a door which enables it to be opened using your foot. With easy installation and zero maintenance it is proving already to be an extremely popular solution in the hospitality and leisure sector. Made in the UK from commercial grade stainless steel this low-cost solution to a high-risk problem takes just five minutes to install and provides peace of mind for staff and customers.

We spoke to Rick directly about the inspiration behind his new product:

“We were looking at Covid Safe solutions for our restaurant fire doors and was told about a foot operated door opener used in the US, we worked with a local precision engineering company to design our own and were so impressed with the results that we decided to manufacture them for others to use.”

“We have had hotel chains, shops and lots of attractions installing these and are getting great reaction on their social media accounts for going the extra mile and really showing care for customers and staff welfare.”

“For me if we have a Covid infection in our key core team then the financial repercussions are significant with others members having to self-isolate and so we have also fitted the ‘No Hands Door Pulls’ on the self-closing office and staff entry areas. This is a simple to use, low cost solution which is installed in a few minutes and making a difference in the new normal.”

Rick raises a valid point when speaking about the installation points at the back of house; it isn’t just traditional high use points such as customer toilet’s or kitchen doors that need to be considered in terms of safety. Back of house offices should also be considered when looking to make your business as Covid secure as possible.

For more information on the ‘No Hands Door Pull’ please visit their webpage at: https://nohandsdoorpull.co.uk/

We’re proud to be working alongside such innovative individuals like Rick.

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