Safari Play MK

19 January, 2021

Milton Keynes, UK

An indoor play centre offering soft play, imaginative role play, sports arena and gaming area. The onsite eatery serves award-winning, restaurant-quality hot and cold food, drinks and snacks.

"Having used Regency for 6 years I don’t feel the need to look anywhere else…

They supply us with a list of price increases across our basket every year, negotiate hard for us directly with the suppliers and remove so much time and hassle from the pricing process which allows me to concentrate on running my business. As a result of their efforts our food and drink GP has been remarkably consistent with no big price rises that we would have to pass on to our customers.

One busy Friday night our food supplier failed to deliver even one of the sixteen boxes of chips I had ordered and they were completely uncontactable. The Regency team were still contactable after 6pm and managed to sort a replacement delivery by 10am the next day. This is just one example of the kind of support available from Regency – they are a great partner to work alongside.

They have great values as a business and that flows from the top all the way down through the entire team and it makes them a joy to work with.

Yes you may find some products cheaper if you drive to a wholesaler and check out all of the deals, but for me I want to work on delighting my customers and leaving the background slog to Regency."

Gordon Forster, Owner and Director
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