Scotland to ban most single-use plastic from June 2022

8 April, 2022

A ban on most single-use plastics will come into effect in Scotland from June this year.

The legislation will ban the use of plastic cutlery, drink stirrers and food containers made from expanded polystyrene.

An exemption will be in place for people who need plastic straws for medical reasons or to ensure they can continue to live independently.

Scotland is the first UK nation to pursue the ban.

Circular Economy Minister Lorna Slater said:

“Every year, hundreds of millions of pieces of single-use plastic are wasted. They litter our coasts, pollute our oceans and contribute to the climate emergency. That has to end and this ban will be another step forward in the fight against plastic waste and throwaway culture.”

The ban means it is unlawful to make and supply commercially any of the following single-use plastic items:

  • Cutlery (forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks and other similar utensils)
  • Plates;
  • Beverage stirrers;
  • Food containers made of expanded polystyrene;
  • Cups made of expanded polystyrene.

The regulations also make it unlawful to supply commercially the items below. These items are subject to exemptions which allow them to be supplied in particular settings and circumstances:

  • Plastic straws;
  • Plastic balloon sticks;

All the restrictions apply to both online and in-store sales, whether they are free or charged for.

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