Seafood Update

15 February, 2021

There’s more and more emphasis on sustainability within hospitality venues food offerings. In fact provenance, and whether the item is sustainable is a key selling point on modern day menus due to customers being more aware of and interested in the world around them.

Fish specifically has always had its challenges when it comes to sustainability and producers are keen to highlight their credentials with MSC (Marine Stewardship Council).

The 'Coller FAIRR protein Producer Index' is one of the worlds only comprehensive assessments on critical environmental, social and governance issues in the largest animal producers.  For the second year in a row the worlds largest salmon producer Mowi in Norway ranks at the top of the list as the worlds most sustainable protein producer.

The fish market itself is in an element of flux, where there are serious concerns about the UK shellfish industry with the EU (an issue that we also cover in this months newsletter) but also due to the national lockdown and the fact we don’t really know when hospitality and leisure will reopen.

As you can imagine this is creating huge challenges when it comes to predicting volumes and pricing which is normally something that the market allows for quite easily at this time of year.

Regency Suppliers are asking for as much visibility of the predicted volume that will be required by sites as soon as we get an idea of the date the country will reopen.  The market could change rapidly if restrictions are lifted so be prepared for some volatility until an element of normality is restored.

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