Shoppers may have to pay the price for the long dry summer

6 August, 2018

There could be significant price rises ahead because of the impact of the long hot summer on farmers and food producers.

No one wants to put the dampeners on the sunshine that we all craved after the harsh winter, but the hot summer has brought with it problems of its own.

Some farmers have already been forced to start feeding their livestock winter food, due to the usual grazing running out where grass has not been able to grow like it usually does, because of the lack of rain.

Sadly, this will inevitably have a knock-on effect on the costs of produce, as the costs to the farmers’ increase, not just through having to source and replace the winter feed they had set aside, but also because the amount of water their animals require during the heat is also significantly higher than usual.

The heat is also having an impact on fruit and vegetable growers too, which is almost inevitably going to set shoppers' temperatures rising, as prices seem sure to soar.

Harvests are generally lower, and while some producers have irrigation systems to help combat the heat, the costs of using them is becoming more expensive.

Those who do not have irrigation systems are seeing yields as low as 60% of their usual output, which again means prices will inevitably rise.

You can see from the images below (courtesy of the MetOffice) the changes to the landscape between May and July alone.

Everyone has enjoyed some wonderful weather these past few weeks, but farmers and fruit and veg producers are crying out now for a decent period of rain.

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