Signature Catering

6 August, 2020

Farnham, Surrey

"We started working with Regency Purchasing group in 2016 and what a brilliant decision it was!

My husband and I have formed such a good working relationship with our Procurement Manager that we can’t imagine him not being a part of our business.

Using his past experience in our industry, he goes above and beyond to find us the best price for everything we need and he manages everything for us; from utilities, dealing with any supplier issues, setting up last minute meetings and even dropping in with a box of Christmas chocolates - nothing ever appears to be too much.

The prices we get through Regency are unbeatable, and on the rare occasion we haven’t followed the advice we've been given, it always turns out to have been correct and we’ve backtracked!

The online Regency IQ system is amazing - all invoices, credit notes and order history can be viewed and categorised into every imaginable way, making it easy to track stock levels and GPs.

We will definitely remain with Regency for the duration of our business."

Lisa & Chris Hearn, Owners and Chef

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