Slick Chick's Fried Chicken

Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Street food restaurant specialising in fried chicken and cheesecake, serving from a unique location at the Cutlery Works in Sheffield, plus home deliveries.

“I have to admit when we first started out with Regency we were sceptical as to what extent they could really benefit our business and, after having many reps come and go from our suppliers we thought it would end up being a similar case whereby there was a lot of talking and nothing much would get done. I am glad to say we couldn’t have been more wrong.

With Regency doing all they can to get the best prices from our suppliers not only has it saved us a great deal of time but it gives us peace of mind knowing that a company like Regency and in particular our reps Claire and Martin are in our corner. Whenever we have a supplier issue, a question about pricing or just want to kick around some ideas they always have been on hand and are very receptive. We have ambitions to kick on to the next level and it really feels like they share our vision for the future.

We also have also started using RegencyIQ a lot more recently and it really is a terrific resource, making it incredibly easy for us to ensure our staff are ordering the correct items and our suppliers are charging us correctly too. All in all a fantastic experience with Regency and a relationship we see lasting as long as we continue to trade."

Tom Miller, Director and Co-Founder

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