Staff Shortages Continuing

7 June, 2021

In our April newsletter we covered the emerging staff shortages that were being announced by businesses across the hospitality industry - in recent days more and more businesses across varying sectors have begun to report further shortages in staffing.

Foodservice wholesalers are finding their efforts to meet demand created by the return of indoor hospitality being hampered by a shortage of staff in depot operational roles alongside a shortage of HGV drivers - an area that is effecting the entire food and drink supply chain.

Prior to Brexit around 20% of the wholesale workforce were EU nationals. With many roles now either not on the skills shortage occupation list or under the salary threshold to continue working in the UK.

Restaurant owners across the UK are still facing shortages of their own on site both in their kitchens and in their front of house teams. This has led to some businesses cutting their hours, changing their menus and ceasing to offer a lunch option. The shortages being felt by the industry have prompted even prominent Brexiter Tim Martin to suggest that the government adopt "some sort of preferential visa system for EU workers" in order to fill much needed roles across the industry - an idea echoed by many other operators across the country.

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