Team conduct supplier visits and quality checks in Yorkshire

1 August, 2022

We pride ourselves on our extensive network of over 130 trusted local and national suppliers, but we don’t work with just any supplier… we only want to work with the very best!

Before we partner with a new supplier, we complete an extensive evaluation process which involves a detailed analysis of the product range, price, quality, delivery capabilities, service level agreements and reliability, business efficiencies and their systems/technology. But it doesn’t stop at that…

Our team regularly visit suppliers across the country to review supplier standards, familiarise themselves with the product ranges (including product tastings and cook-offs) and discover new products or services.

Last month, Procurement Managers Claire Green and Laura McGill spent the day with Depot Manager, Dave Woods at the Holdsworths butchery department in Halifax.

During their visit, Claire and Laura conducted a full quality check of their red and white meat, including a series of product viewing, handling and tasting sessions. They also refreshed their knowledge on the core and bespoke product ranges available, learned about meat selection and the various cuts of meat available to Regency members, and discussed service levels.  

An important part of the visit involved in-depth discussions around animal welfare to ensure that there’s full transparency in the farm-to-fork supply chain process...

While Holdsworth operate 10 depots and service customers across the UK, all red and white meat produced in the Halifax depot has been reared locally within West Yorkshire - a great local supplier for our members in Yorkshire!

The following week, the northern procurement team visited Dales of Malton, a family-owned business supplying Yorkshire and beyond with high-quality fresh produce, kitchen ingredients and catering food supplies.

These are just two of many supplier visits that took place last month – our team spend time each and every month visiting our supply partners, ensuring our members receive the very best products and service.

If you’d like to discuss opening an account with Holdsworth Foods or Dales of Malton, please get in touch.

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