Tchibo Coffee joins Matthew Algie

22 January, 2024

In a strategic move, Tchibo has united with Matthew Algie forming the premier coffee roaster entity in the UK and Ireland.

Having acquired Matthew Algie in 2016 and Capitol Foods in 2018, the Hamburg-based Tchibo has, until now, operated under their own individual names. Recognising the robust values and reputation for quality and sustainability, parent company Tchibo has now opted to consolidate its UK and Ireland businesses under the Scottish brand’s name, Matthew Algie & Company Limited.

Paul Chadderton, managing director, Matthew Algie said:

“This is a significant moment for our business and particularly for our Glasgow HQ which is the beating heart of our business.

“Coupling this move with the recent investment programme we announced back in April 2023 it places us in a very strong position to build upon our growth strategy and at a pivitoal moment in the coffee sector.

“The majority of the senior leadership team, including myself, have all relocated to Glasgow as we continue to expand the capabilities of the site including launching our new fully recyclable packaging, various new product lines and our training and development hub which is an industry leading centre for training the next generation of baristas across the UK and Ireland.”

Amidst the thriving coffee sector, witnessing a post-pandemic surge in enthusiasts, the unified company is enthusiastic about delivering an enhanced, customer-centric experience.

Paul added:

“We are seeing new markets emerge as businesses look to grow their sources of revenue. Sectors such as garden centres no longer simply use their cafes as a footfall driver but is a critical part of their income.

“Matthew Algie is perfectly positioned to help these businesses, and our staff are experts in helping firms get more out of coffee offerings.

Whether it be helping firms move to more sustainable operations by using our carbon-neutral products or simply supporting local cafes to adapt to the ever-changing trends within the market- this new announcement will accelerate our ability to support tens of thousands of customers.

“I look forward to leading this famous business into the next chapter of its illustrious history.”

With the merge, customers gain access to an expanded product range across the entire business portfolio, coupled with heightened efficiency and service excellence.

Existing Tchibo customers will seamlessly transition to Matthew Algie without any required action. For existing Matthew Algie customers, there is no impact on their accounts. All coffee brands remain accessible, complemented by an even broader array of products and services.

Source: Matthew Algie website

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