Temporary Closing Procedures - Other

3 November, 2020

  • Automatic Lighting

If you have internal or external lighting on timers, you may want to turn these off or reduce the hours they are on. This will help save on energy costs.

  • Heating, Air Conditioning, Hot Water

If you have any heating, air conditioning or hot water set on timers you may wish to amend these or turn of completely. Speak to your boiler engineer for further advice on close down procedures.

  • Laundry

If you have any laundry that needs to be washed ensure this is done. Especially kitchen cloths, chef whites, table cloths as these may contain dirt that will generate mould over the coming weeks. Also think about any laundry contracts that you have in place.

  • Contract Cleaning

Because cleaning and sanitation plays a huge part in beating Coronavirus, companies in this sector are classed as essential workers and are continuing to work. If you have any contract cleaners, such as window cleaners, contact then to see if you can suspend this contract until needed.

  • Waste Bins

Make sure that all waste bins are emptied and clean. Any bins that are left dirty may attract pests. Ensure that all waste is collected and where possible leave none on site.

  • Waste Collections

Below is a list of bins that you may have in a contract. Talk to you provider to firstly get anything that is currently on site collected. Once this has been organised, ask to review your collection schedule. Where possible reduce the amount of collections or place contract on hold. If paying bin rental ask supplier to suspend this charge.

  • Sanitary bins
  • Waste bins
  • Glass bins
  • Recycling bins
  • Oven Cleaning

Clean any ovens not being used for the foreseeable future and ensure any build-up of dirt and grease is removed. This will ensure your oven is ready to go when you reopen.

  • Merchant Services

Speak with your merchant service supplier to see if they will suspend rental on card machines. Not all suppliers will do this but we have heard of a few that are willing to offer up support.

  • Till Systems

Where you are paying a rental charge for the equipment or a support package call your supplier and ask them to suspend charges. Also turn tills off where possible as this will save on energy costs.

  • Phone Lines

Even though we will not be trading for a little while, it is still really important that your customers can get in contact with you. Set up alternative voicemails with relevant contact details or divert phones to the correct people.

Also remember to remove the office number from your mobiles answerphone if the office is now unmanned.

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