Temporary Closing Procedures - Stock

3 November, 2020

  • Kegs

Speak to your supplier and see if they are able to take back any unwanted stock. If so then organise this – arrange for all empty Kegs to be uplifted and wash down storage area.

  • 'Use By' and 'Best Before'

Work through stock and place anything that is short on best before dates to one side.

  • Freeze Product (Where possible)

Where possible freeze stock down to use at a later date. Refer to each products label for freezing guidelines. Any questions regarding this please contact your Procurement Manager.

  • Consider Donation

Look to donate any stock that you have put to one side, either because it is perishable or short on date and likely to go past use by dates before reopening, to local charities or food banks.

  • Waste Oil

Drain and clean down any fryers that will not be used for the foreseeable future.

Speak to your oil supplier and see if they are still collecting used oil. If they are arrange collection of this. If they are not then ensure the oil is sealed and store away ready for collection when this service resumes.

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