Temporary Closure Procedures - Machines

3 November, 2020

  • Slush Machines

We can provide Vimto / Polar Krush & Slush Puppie guidelines if required.

Follow advice given by your slush supplier. Do not leave any product or water in the machine and ensure it is turned off.

  • Coffee Machines

Empty machine of all ingredients and clean. Ensure the machine is switched off as this will save on your energy costs. If renting speak to your supplier to see if they will suspend rental charges.

Remove any pumps from syrups, wash and replace lids.

  • Water Boilers

Ensure all water boilers are turned off and drain the tank. You can do this by firstly turning the power supply off, once you have done this turn the water supply off and open tap. Drain the water into a bowl, take care when doing this as the water will still be boiling.

  • Dishwashers

Drain and turn off all dishwashers. Once this is done clean and ensure you leave the door or hood open. This will stop any odours taking hold.

  • Ice Cream Freezers

Where possible remove all ice cream and put into a holding freezer. Once you have done this, turn off the freezer, clean and leave open. Leaving open will stop any odours taking hold.

  • Ice Cream Machine

If you have any whippy ice cream machines, go through the cleaning process but stop before you reassemble the machine. Leave all machine parts in the mix chamber to ensure you do not lose any parts.

  • Vending Machine

Check the use by dates on all product in vending machines. Anything on a short use by date, put to one side. Turn off power to machines to help save on energy costs.

  • Milk Purgles

Remove any purgles and use up any leftover product if possible. Turn off power and clean (don’t forget the drip tray). Once you have completed this ensure the door is left open.

  • Drinks Fridge

Turn the power off to the fridge, this will save on energy. Once you have done this remove any drinks that are short on best before dates and set these to one side. All other bottled drinks can remain in situ. Ensure that the door to all fridges are left open. This will stop odours taking hold.

  • Small Fridges & Freezers

Where possible move all products to a holding fridge or freezer. Ideally if you can move all product into one unit this will save on energy bills. Think about what you can freeze and place any perishables or items short on a best before date to one side. Once this is done turn the power off to all empty units, clean and be sure to leave the door open. This will stop any odours taking hold.

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