Tips down by 7% from 2022

14 September, 2023

The average value of tips throughout the UK has dropped to £5.60 per transaction, marking a 7% decline when compared to figures from 2022.

These findings stem from a recent study conducted by payments firm Dojo, which analysed transactions carried out at food and drink outlets and coffee shops via its own platform during the period of January to June 2023.

The highest average tip was recorded in Bridgend, standing at £13.32 per transaction. This signifies a 33% decrease compared to the leading average tip recorded in 2022, which was in the Vale of Glamorgan, where the average tip per transaction amounted to £19.78.

Dojo's research has also brought to light that individuals from the Isle of Anglesey are the most generous when it comes to tipping, with two out of every five transactions at cafes and restaurants including a gratuity.

In contrast, Londoners emerge as some of the most conservative tippers across Britain.

Dojo Head of Consumer Insight, Jon Knott, commented:

“Tipping is a strong indicator to show your appreciation and it’s likely a consequence of the ongoing cost-of-living crisis that the average amount being passed on from diners is decreasing.

As high interest rates and inflation remain, the value consumers place on going out for a drink or a bite to eat is higher than ever – and along with the increased cost of going out, expectations have shifted upwards.

It’s therefore important that businesses and consumers support each other – with venues offering best experiences possible and, where they can afford, customers showing their gratitude to the staff that provided it.”

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