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This is a trading agreement which runs in conjunction with The Named Member trading with Booker under the Regency Purchasing Group Scheme, only ending at the point at which The Member ceases trading with Booker directly or the business is sold or transferred. In return The Named Member will receive the relevant agreed benefits associated with Regency Purchasing Group Booker Scheme.


(a) The Member agrees to purchase:

i. Products through Booker and for Booker to share their relevant data as per Regency Purchasing Group GDPR Agreement

ii. Only relevant product categories sales are included in the agreed benefits associated with Regency Purchasing Group Booker Scheme – ( excluded categories are Tobacco and Stamps )

iii. If The Members quarterly spend exceeds the quarterly value target of £1,250.00 a Rebate will be available to The Member based on 2% of the total quarterly spend value ( excluding Tobacco and Stamps ) – Rebate to be refunded by Booker directly in either a Credit against purchase or Cash value collectable in associated Booker branch.

(b) Should The Member not purchase the quarterly value target of £1,250.00 associated to the relevant product categories then no rebate will be funded ( values within quarters cannot be rolled into the next quarter )

(c) The Member only with prior agreement and consent from Regency Purchasing Group can move to another Booker Scheme, however The Members associated spend will continue to be attributed to Regency Purchasing Group.

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