UK consumers cut back on meat and fish

27 July, 2022

People across the UK appear to be reducing their consumption of meat and fish in the effort to save money, as the cost of living continues to rise. Research is showing sales have reduced this year, with chicken sales down by -9.7%, beef -13.7%, pork -10.6%, lamb -23.7% and fish at -11.6%.

Recent pricing figures for shoppers showed the average price of a roasting joint of beef has risen by 9.8% to £11.34 over the year to April, and chicken had risen by 10.4% to £3 per kilo.

All of these increases have resulted in UK consumers switching from expensive cuts of meat to cheaper chicken options. It is also thought that millions of families are cutting back on their consumption, particularly red meat and fish.

Glensi Phillips a data analyst said:

“Product choice is the main way shoppers are choosing to manage inflation now, and so shoppers are switching between cuts in order to save money”

Meanwhile, a report has revealed that vegans are consistently spending more on groceries, eating out and takeaways than the national average. The report reveals that meat-free alternatives are driving up the cost of groceries for vegan and vegetarian consumers.

On average, vegans spend £35 per month buying meat substitute products such as Tofu, Quorn and Seitan, and vegetarians follow shortly behind at £27 per month. In contrast, the average meat-eating shopper spends just £21 on meat.

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