Changes to venue check-in regulations

20 July, 2021

From Monday 19 July 2021, designated venues are no longer legally required to ask customers, visitors and staff to “check in” (attendees can scan the NHS QR code poster via the NHS COVID-19 app or provide their contact details).

Although it isn’t a requirement, venues are being strongly encouraged to retain the NHS QR code poster and maintain a “logbook” containing attendees’ contact details.

By asking individuals to check in and promptly sharing the records of those who provide their contact details with NHS Test and Trace, you will help us to identify people who may have the virus. NHS Test and Trace will only ask for your records if there is an outbreak at your venue, and then alert attendees who checked in on the same day.

Venue alerts:

  • will be triggered if there are two or more cases at a venue (unless it is a large venue, such as a football stadium, which will lead to a case-by-case assessment).
  • will ask individuals to book a test as soon as possible. A venue alert will not ask individuals to self-isolate.
  • will never name the venue linked to the outbreak.
  • does not mean your venue needs to close. Public health guidance will be given to you if you are contacted by NHS Test and Trace so that you can continue to operate safely.
  • are not the same alert that individuals receive on the NHS COVID-19 app if they have come into close contact with a confirmed case. Close contact alerts will advise the individual to self-isolate, venue alerts will not.
  • will be sent as an app notification to those that scanned the NHS QR code with the NHS COVID-19 app, or by text message to people who provided their contact details to check in.

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